Wound and wound

Wounds and wound’s process. Prophylaxis of development of an infection into the wound. Treatment of clean wounds.
Infected wounds.
The closed damages of soft tissues of a skull, a thorax, bodies of a abdominal cavity.
1. Definition
Wounds (vulnus) are the mechanical damage of the organism, which occur from destroying the integrity of the covered tissues – skin or mucous membrane. During this damage there can be destroyed more deep tissues, inner organs (damage of the brain, liver, stomach, kidneys and others). The injury of the covered tissues separates the wound from other kinds of damage. For example the injury of the liver, which is caused by the dull trauma of the abdomen without destroying the skin, is the rupture and the damage during the stroke by a knife in the abdominal region-wound of the liver, because we observe the destroying of the skin.
2. The main features of the wounds
The main clinical features of the wounds are pain, bleeding and hiatus. Their development depends on the localization of the wounds, mechanism of the damage, volume and deepness of the injury, and common condition of the patient.
(1) Pain (dolor)
It caused by direct damage of the nerves in the wounds region, and in result if it’s freezing during the development of the swelling. The pain can be localized not only in the place of damage but also it can be spread over the whole region of innervation.
The intensivity of pain syndrome in case of the wound by the next features is determined:
1.     Localization of the wound.
2.     Injuries of the big nerves trunks are present.
3.     The character of the weapon and the frequency of causing and wound – the weapon is sharp and the damage of the receptor is less, and the pain is less.
4.     Nerves – psychological condition of the organism. Pain feeling can be decreased when the patient is in the condition of effect, shock, alcohol or narcotic influence. Pain is not present during the operation with anesthesia, and…