week 2

Performance Management Framework
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Performance Management Framework
As a consultant of Atwood and Allen before developing a performance management framework for recommendation, to client Bradley Stonefield’s Limousine Service, it is important to examine the six characteristics for performance management framework. To create an efficient and successful performance management framework important to acknowledge the four levels of assessing training needs that consist of developing a job analysis. This paper will assist the client in aligning the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy, the completion of a job analysis process to identify the skills needed by the client’s employees, and organizing performance philosophy. It will also assist thee client in describing the methods used for measuring the employee’s skills, identify a process for addressing skill gaps of the client’s employees, and the approach for delivering effective performance feedback.
Principle and Strategies
The principles and strategies included in the performance management plan are the Framework for Performance Management and the method of appraising employee performance. According to the text, the Framework for Performance Management is a logical strategy for implementing performance management because it defines performance, facilitates performance, and encourages performance (Cascio, 2013). If used properly the performance management plan will empower employees in accomplishing the organizations organizational objectives. The plan ensures management that employees have the proper training for accomplishing organizational objectives
In the scenario, Bradley Stonefield stated that he anticipates the limousine company the earn $50,000 annual net revenue and 10% turnover in the upcoming year; therefore, as a sole proprietor,…