Theatre Extra Credit

Extra Credit Play Review – Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage BlockheadBert V. Royal’s production of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead tells the story of CB and the now grown up “Peanut” gang. The kids must now meet all the obstacles faced in today’s day and age by typical teenagers. Dog Sees God was interesting to say the least, I could not look away. It made me wonder if situations similar to those of the characters in the story were happening in my school, really thought-provoking.
The cast were very entertaining and great at acting, cast included students here at Kutztown and I believe them casted the way they did to in a way make the play more relatable to us as students. If the cast had been any older, or younger the play would not have been as easy to believe and get lost in.
Each cast member was unique in his or own way, but universal in the sense that they all fit perfectly together as a collective unit.
The main character or protagonist in the play is CB, teenage Charlie Brown. CB is now a teenager in high school dealing with the death of his beloved dog and best friend Snoopy while also trying to figure out his sexuality. CB also has a sister who is trying to figure out who she is as well, she changes her appearance often. The main issues in the play were revolved around homophobia. CB, his best friend Matt, and their group of other friends are homophobic as well. Meanwhile, none of them know that CB is struggling with his sexuality himself.
The next character is Beethoven, CB’s old friend who he and his friends used to bully. CB and Beethoven have a long talk about the death of Snoopy, how they aren’t friends anymore and why they stopped being friends in the first place. After the conversation comes to a close CB grabs Beethoven and kisses him. After the kiss CB is confused to say the least, but what CB does know is that he really likes Beethoven.
Another character in the play Marcy, has a party, and invites CB. CB…