The wonders of Icecream

The Wonders of Ice Cream
(main words capitalized)
A Standard 5-Paragraph Academic EssayDessert is the most wonderful part of a meal. (most general sentence) I have never met anyone, from any part of the world, who did not like dessert best. (Use of “I”= more specific sentence) The best dessert is ice cream because it tastes delicious, is liked by almost everyone, and it can link us to happy childhood memories. (thesis statement with 3 points named)First, ice cream tastes better than any other food. (1st thesis point in general topic sentence) What food can rival its creamy smoothness, or the delicious feeling of this soft, cold dessert as it slips down your throat? (specific descriptive sent., support) I don’t know of any other food that feels as good and clean in your mouth or of any food that comes in so many mouth-watering flavours. (specific description) At La Casa Gelato, for example, you can choose from over 218 flavours! (see June 20/10 Tazim’s Weekly) (specific example) In fact, today you can even get ice cream with protein in it, as the soy ice creams have. (specific information sentence) Ice cream is really good. (concluding sentence) Who knows? (question to reader) Ice cream may soon be a complete meal on its own! (Link to Body Paragraph 2)Second, while it might not yet be a complete meal on its own, it can be served after almost every meal for everyone likes it. (2nd thesis point in topic sentence) It can be a common thread between strangers. (declarative, information, support) Whether you have important out-of-town guests, or are just entertaining family and friends, ice cream is the perfect after-meal treat. (information) Vanilla ice cream is at home at any important dinner. (information) Family and friends, on the other hand, are sure to like Neapolitan, a happy mix of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. (description) Even fussy, hard-to-please (hyphenated adjective) are sure to be tempted by this universal dessert! (information) Ice…