The Great Functions of Maize Flour Mill Equipment

Different machinery has different functions, so is the Maize Flour Mill Equipment. Now in our daily life, you often can see the maize flour mill equipment, no matter in our home-making, or in the agricultural field, the maize flour mill equipment also plays important role and we can neglect the maize flour mill equipment’s functions.Features of Maize Flour Mill Equipment:
1. Easy structure, good manufacturability in processing and installation, small volume and convenient operation. The whole machine only occupies an area of less than one square meter and we only need to install pitch screw for fixing.
2. Wheat, sorghum and paddy peeling and polishing function.
3. Internally installed efficient winnowing and dust removing blower.
4. High output and good effect.
The discharging port of the peeling chamber can accurately control corn or wheat staying time in the grinding chamber by pressure valve and ensure the effective friction with alloy roller so as to realize better peeling effect.Working principle: after cleaning up, the unprocessed corn enters into the peeling chamber of NF-280 maize flour mill equipment through feeding port. By control the feeding speed at the feeding port and the pressure of the pressure valve, we make the peeling chamber have some pressure. The machine squeezes, peels, degerminates, removes impurities and polishes the material between the rotary roller and the screen. And under the pneumatic effect, the corn kernels and the bran separate automatically and then we can get qualified corn kernels. The machine is internally installed efficient air suction chamber which can remove the skin and impurities from the grinding process.More information and any needs please contact with us freely, and we will reply you soonest.
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