the buy who saved the orld

My Name: Mathew Craig
My Flight: 4
My Word Count: words
1,050 words MINIMUM Advanced: 1, 200 words MINIMUM “The Boy who Saved the World”
_____________________________________________________________________________Once upon a time, there was a young boy, his name was Ben, this was no ordinary boy though, this boy would grow up to be the soldier that saved the world. One day, Ben was going on a hike with his friend John, this was something that they did every weekend. They would meet up at Ben’s house, and go to Red Tail trail, this trail was only a couple blocks away from where he lived, which was in Arizona, they loved to go on this trail to catch up on how each other had been doing from the past week, and talk about what boys talk about. But to the two boys the neatest part about Red Tail Trail was that it went right by the the United States’ largest Army base. “Hey John! There it is, that’s where I want to be when I grow up, how about you?” Ben said, breaking the off and on silence that had been between the two for the first part of the hike. “You know what? I think that I want to be in greenland, I heard that there’s really good snowboarding there, and i want to be a professional snowboarder.” said john, exited about the upcoming part of the trail, being filled with ramps and all down hill. “Man, I didn’t know that you liked snowboarding! Well, I’ll race you to the bottom!” yelled Ben. “Eat my dust!” John said, starting to running to the first drop of the hill. Before Ben had started running down the hill, he felt a jolt of pain down in his ankle, but of course, thinking nothing of it, he shook it off, and took off, John was already half way down the hill, but Ben was confident the he could catch up, all he had to do was make the jump, this leap would be over a 100 ft. drop off, and onto the other side, but Ben had nothing to worry about, he made this jump…