teacher vs caseworker

Quality Assurance Review
BSHS 375
November 26,2014
It is the responsibility of the caseworker rights to engaged in service provision to deliver quality service in a timely manner. Do you feel as caseworker, you’re abiding by the codes of ethicsWould you recommend the caseworker to other studentsAs a caseworker do you feel that you played a major role as an advocate to the client?
Did the caseworker worth cohesively with the teacher regarding the client’s behavioral problemOn a scale from 1-3 how would you rate your measures of client’s satisfaction, did the caseworker and teacher helped mother understand her child’s needs. (1 a lot, 2 a little, 3 not at all)
In the event, you were behind on case work why didn’t you address this issue with your supervisor for assistance
Documentation is highly required with the human service practice, in this particular case neither can you please advised why the client’s proof of care was not notated, nor feedback was presented to the teacher
As a caseworker I have the responsibility to keep all documents and information confidential unless items are required for reporting in the state. This teacher has confidential information that could come from the staff that is in direct contact with the client. This staff member has release confidential information to this teacher and has breach the HIPPA confidentiality code of conduct. This will result in some disciplinary actions on the behalf of the staff who has released confidential information to this teacher. I would like to investigate further on how this information was even released to these parties and who else knows about the client recent treatment of the communicable disease. Due to this sensitive information being release it will impact on how people interact with this client and this client will now be treated somewhat as an outsider due the release of the…