Information Literacy
Website Evaluation
Trisomy 18
“Edwards Syndrome”
My google search on Trisomy 18 “Edwards Syndrome” gave me many websites. Many I found to be useful for my research paper but I also encounter websites that weren’t as reliable. The website that I have found more useful as of now has been: www. GENETICS.EDU.AU Copyright: CENTRE FOR GENETICS EDUCATION; FACTS SHEET 30. The information I found had various sources, but it was recently edited by author: KRISTINE BARLOW-STEWART on AUGUST 2012. Kristine Barlow-Stewart is an associate professor at University of Sydney. She has also earned her master in Genetic Counseling and Genetic Medicine.
The facts sheet that I found was edited pretty recently. I believe that I use the information from this website and it will still be current. Document was edited on August 2012; the previous editions were on 2007 and 2004.
The content of the facts sheet was very understandable to me and I believe anyone who reads the information provided will be able to understand the information. The article explains what trisomy 18 is, how it happens and why it happens in a very understandable “language”. They also explain who is more likely to be diagnosed with trisomy 18. They also go into detail about characteristics of trisomy 18. It also gives you a percentage on how many live births they are with the trisomy 18. Overall the information provided by the website is very understandable to any person.

In conclusion, I found that the information I found on www.GENETICS.EDU.AU
regarding Trisomy 18 “Edwards Syndrome” and produced by CENTRE FOR GENETICS EDUCATION; FACTS SHEET 30, was very useful for my research paper. They list important points regarding the topic. They give me the characteristics of trisomy 18, they also go into detail regarding the chromosomes and the chromosomes pattern and how they are affected by trisomy 18. They ask and answer questions like: can a baby with trisomy 18 be cure? Who is at risk of…