Single Parent HouseholdsResearch QuestionWhat is the impact that single parent families that are motherled have on children’s emotional and
social development? This is an important topic in today’s society because some single mothers can feel
isolated, lack of support, financial struggles and emotional overwhelm. When an adult is constantly
stressed, the child absorbs and mirrors these feeling as well. However, single mother’s are able to give
their children so much love and attention because there is no partner in this relationship to take away
from the attention that the child deserves. This question is unbiased because there are so many
different possible outcomes due to the fact that everyone is different and people have different views
on the way parenting should be.
Method of StudyFor this research report, I will conduct a survey to ask people questions about single parent households.
This survey will be reliable, meaning it will yield consistent information and it will generate valid
conclusions due to the fact that the questions are open ended, leaving the person who is doing the
survey an opportunity to give their honest opinion.
Subjects for StudyMy study will be completed by anyone between the ages of 14-60 both male and female. I have chosen
to have such a wide range of people because single parenting is common. By leaving it open for most
people, we will be able to get more data which will give us a better result. This survey will be conducted
online throughout the course of the school year (September-June). I’ve decided to do the survey when
parenting is at its highest because single parents must help their children with homework, bring them to
their activities and be there for social support most commonly during this time. Due to the fact that this
survey is online, it will be easy to access in the home which is where most people use the internet. This
survey will also be mailed out so that people who do not have…