Positive and Negative Emotions
Colleen VanWagner
Beatriz Martinez
Positive and Negative Emotions
While there are many speculations of emotions between men and women, there will never be true accuracy of it. Some say men hold their emotions better than women, while others just think it is because men are always told while younger, “Real men do not cry or get upset,” no matter the circumstance.
Women are focused more on their motions than men. This is due to women having a nurturing side and men often times do not. Both sexes will experience emotions, but men hide it better. They express it mostly in anger when it builds too much inside of them, while women are not afraid to show their emotions. Some men feel uncomfortable showing emotions unless it is someone he is close to, like his mother or spouse. But like most men, it is hard for them to open up about their emotions.
Women deal with emotions a lot different, we are not afraid to show them, whether it be friend, relative, outsiders, or close family members. Some just say it is our hormones doing the talking when it comes to our emotions. We do cry in front of others, and in some circumstances, our emotions get to the best of us. It can cause turmoil in relationships, especially if you are too emotional and just want the attention. But men and women do display emotions but in different ways.
Researchers suggest that it is because of the neurons in our brains. They “process emotional experiences of fear and aggression and these neurons are connected to different regions of the brain” ( For men these neurons connect to areas of the brain focused on the external areas, movement and vision. While with women, these neurons focus on the internal areas of the body. Such as, hormones, respiration, and blood pressure. While men and women share the same emotions in the same situations, their behavior will be different.
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