PSY 110 WK 6 Quiz 5 Chapter 5

PSY 110 WK 6 Quiz 5 Chapter 5
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Match the letter with the correct definition.
a. Encompasses expressive traits related to nurturance
b. An approach to understanding social thought as consisting of both effortful and effortless cognition
c. A mental representation of experiences that are organized
d. Believing that the cause of an uncontrollable event will not change over time
e. A tendency to be biased towards the starting value in making quantitative judgments
f. Phrase to represent humans’ tendency to use timesaving mental shortcuts when trying to understand the world
g. The most representative member of a category
h. The process of preventing potentially distracting cognitions from entering consciousness
i. The belief that the world is fair and that people get what they deserve
j. The belief that two variables are related to each other when they are not
k. The tendency to overestimate the commonness of one’s own attitudes or beliefs
l. The tendency to seek information that supports our beliefs while ignoring opposing information
m. The tendency, once an event has occurred, to overestimate our ability to have foreseen the outcome
n. When one does not believe that one’s actions can produce desired outcomes
o. The idea that humans process information about others in a rational manner
p. The tendency to judge the frequency or probability of an event in terms of how easy it is to think of examples of that event
q. Encompasses instrumental traits related to task completion
r. Refers to automatic, unconscious judgments or decisions
s. The process by which someone’s expectations about another person actually cause the expectation to come true
t. Believing that the cause of an uncontrollable event extends across many events
u. The idea that people are flexible social thinkers who choose among multiple cognitive strategies based on their current goals,…