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Ethics and the College StudentDennis RennerColl 100American Public University SystemJason Bagwell
Ethics and the College Student
What is Ethics? Ethics is a system of moral principles. So what does this mean to you and me? This mean a characteristic that shows through the decisions we make in everyday life. The decisions between right, wrong, good and bad.
The choices we make in our life and the choices we make in our education are all based on our ethics. The choice between success and failure is in our own hands and no one else. How do we base the decisions we make? We base these decisions on four points, right, wrong, success and failure. Life is full of signs to follow.
Ethics is learning the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. (Steward, Potter). For example if you are in a store and the clerk was called away in the middle of counting her money and you are next in line and the register is open what would you do? Now do you look for some cameras or just look the other way. This is a choice that you will have to make which in turn is called ethics. Ethics comes at a price to some of us. The right a ethical choice would be to say something to the clerk or simply in a matter of words stand guard until she returns. Unethically the response would to be to take the money and run. This is the same as being in the classroom. If you are taking a test would you have the courage to speak up about the matter and report it to the instructor. Ethics is choices in life everyone has to make them everyday. People and there ethics very from person to person. Some people cheat for different reasons. Some of these reasons may be to save there scholarships, to get an “A” some to save there homes and some to save the careers.
My thought on the issue is to just tell them that when you cheat that you are only hurting and cheating on yourself. Ethics and values are close to…