Personal Mission Statement

Professor Wade
Academic Strategies-Personal Mission Statement Essay
21st, January, 2014 What does it mean to be a good father? Is being a good dad mean the same thing as being a good provider? Is being a dad really just about sharing life lessons and teaching our children? Most dads will tell you that their definition of what a dad is compared to previous generations differs greatly. I believe the definition of a good father is a listener, provider, role model, and most importantly, making children laugh.
Going back to college to earn my bachelor’s degree has been a goal of mine since I left high school. Earning a degree at my age shows my children that not only is it important, but shows them what priority is. I’m always asked the question, “Daddy, why are you going back to school now”? Hearing that from my children makes me think twice of what I was doing in my younger years. Was I a failure since I didn’t complete college? I leaped into what many have, and that is joining the work force immediately to pay bills. My response is that I was sidetracked when I was younger and did not set short term and long term goals to reach my objective. I have reached majority of my professional work goals but have always failed my educational goals. Part of being a provider to my family is earning an advanced degree that will enable me to reach a higher level professionally, in turn earning more money for the family. Too many dads are waiting to meet certain financial goals, then they’ll spend more time at home. But often, when they reach their goals, they have established patterns at work and at home that are very difficult to change. And while they’ve been off working long hours or cutting big deals, their relationships with their kids have withered away. When they do decide to focus more on their families, there is often a shocking and sad recognition of what they have missed and can never recover. That is something I will never do to my…