The Story Of A ShoeI am a shoe. Almost every day someone puts their foot in me. Their smelly foot, and then ties me! They put me on, tie me up and then go where ever they are going. Then at the end of the day they take me off, throw me to a corner and leave me there for the rest of the night. But this is a story how I change all of that forever. One day when i am about to be put on I decide that I can’t take it any more, I decide to run (hop) away. He is shocked and tries to catch me but I am faster. I get away, but then I think, what am I going to do now? So I hop to a shoe store and tell them a plan so that no shoe will be ever touchered again. We all agree to all run away from the shoe store and them we will see what will the human race do then, when there will be no shoes to wear! So two months later we decide to go back and see how our plan was working. Everyone was wearing shoes! I tell my team of my new plan to destroy the shoe factories of America! But in the end it does not work out because they keep rebuilding them! So we set up outposts all over the world so none can wear us ever again!!
The Unexpected Adventure
“Hey dad, aren’t we going some where because it looks like we’re still at home.” said Tom. “Ok,ok i am looking for something that i am missing.” said John. “Like what.” said Tom. “I am looking for my phone…Found it, lets go.” said David. (3 hours later that day) “Wow this rain is non-stop, it has been raining heavily for 2 hours.” said John. Suddenly water…