On multiple occasions we, as humans, will be faced with decisions. Some of these decisions will be pretty easy, but there will be some that could force us to go against what we believe in. We have a natural set of rules that modifies how we behave in social settings, this is called our morality. Our morality is more or less about doing what we think is right rather than what is actually necessary. Many times we often do what others would, although it may not be right choice.
In “The Dark Knight” the Joker likes to set up numerous social experiments with not only Bruce Wayne(Batman) and Harvey Dent, but also with the civilians. As the movie comes to an end, the Joker tries one last experiment to show the people of Gotham that they are simply nothing more than objects to be played with. Two ferry boats are sent out with one filled with regular civilians, as the other is filled with the top most prisoners of Gotham. Each boat is given a detonator that will not only save the lives on their boat, but explode the other boat killing everyone aboard. But theres a twist, they are given till a certain time or both ships will go down. As time goes by neither ship chooses to press the detonator, although the regular civilians wish to do so, they choose not to. Both ships contemplate for hours whether or not they should push the button. Once time is up, neither ship has pressed the button and neither ship has exploded.
The book “Of Mice and Men” also has an amazing example of moral dilemma. Lennie already has a hard time deciding what is right from wrong due to his obvious special needs. This makes it seem okay to Lennie to kill Curley’s wife. With Curley’s wife dead and George and Lennie on question board, George has to make an important decision. George can either run away with Lennie and keep out of trouble, throwing away their dreams, or George can kill Lennie. This is no easy thing to contemplate since the two men have grown so close.George is sort of a guardian to…