Marriott International Case Study

Marriott International Case Study
Transcript of Marriott International Case Study
Marriott InternationalAfter the upgrade, MarriottMobile booked a total of $34.6 million in gross annual revenue and is expected to see double-digit growth in the future
In 2010, MarriottMobile was ranked 14th for unique visitors to mobile travel sites
Also ranked 1st among mobile hotel sites
Grace Miller
John Heard
Heather Stearns
If you were in charge of mobile marketing at Marriott International, what research methods would you use to build on Marriott’s existing programs and further develop Marriott MobileAnalyze Marriott Mobiles’ mobile feedback system with respect to the characteristics of survey research.
Disadvantages of Marriott’s
mobile-based survey
Survey research and mobile research methods to further develop Marriott Mobile
Marriott uses mobile research now by locating what device the respondents completed the survey on, but it should conduct further research to locate
whois responding to their surveys
More clearly define their market and see who they need to reach
Knowing what types of customers are taking the surveys can help determine what type of questionnaire design to use and what type of questions to ask
not mentioned, but relatively low compared to the revenue it brought in
Time Span:
fast (30 days)
Use of interviewer probes:
minimum (very short questions)
Ability to show concepts to respondents:
questions focused on site functionality, usage patterns, and feedback on a new city guide function
Management control over interview:
General data quality:
data did extremely well; survey feedback helped Marriott improve customer satisfaction, as shown by increased revenue
Ability to collect large amounts of data:
700 respondents in 30 days
Ability to handle complex questionnaires:
low (close-ended, “yes” or “no” questions)
Option to only answer “yes” or “no” limited the scope of the…