looking for alaska

Dear Diary,
This is my first diary entry ever, I will try to write in it as much as possible but I will most likely forget about, I will try though. Today was the that I finally arrived at my new high school named Culver Creek and it is located in Alabama, to be honest I am kind of happy to be finally gone, I wanted to leave for awhile now. My dad had gone to high school there however that is not the reason why I left, ever since I ‘ve read Francois Rabelais’ last words which were “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”. I am going to find a Great Perhaps and I am going to find it before I die, I know for sure that won’t find it in Florida. So begins my Great Perhaps! However before I left I Florida my parents put a goodbye party together for me, which was only attended by two people; Marie and Will some bizarre theater kids whom I couldn’t care less about. Back in Florida I have never been very outgoing, assertive or one of these people that socialize or are popular, I was very reserved . Now that I am at a new school everything will be different (hopefully). When we arrived in the Alabama my parents walked me to my dorm room #43, honestly I felt very anxious but I knew it was the right thing to do, so I confidently hugged them goodbye. After they left I took a cold shower since it was surprisingly hot in Alabama. While showering I realised that someone had entered the room; it turns out to be my roommate whom I then had greet in only a towel which was definitely not what I hoped that our first meeting would look like. I wished that I could have just casually met him, introduced myself, made a few funny jokes and then he thinks ‘Oh yeah, he is cool maybe I can introduce him to a few of my friends’.
Sadly it did not go the way I wanted it to like most of the nevertheless our first meeting still went pretty decently despite the fact that I was only wearing a towel. My roommate’s name turns out to be Chip Martin, but he prefers to be called the Colonel. It’s a pretty…