How did indsutrialization benefit and harm society

How did Industrialization benefit and harm society   
The Industrialization was the time when inventions were being created, jobs were becoming more readily available, and society was expanding.  The Industrialization benefited society in many different aspects.  These aspects include the overall health of the society, the money that became available, the cost of everything decreasing, and inventions that were created.
    The overall health of the society was increasing due to the better quality food they were receiving.  With a better health a persons life expectancy could be lengthened.  If a persons life expectancy was lengthened that meant that they could do more for a longer amount of time.  Also a benefit that came from the health improving was that this led to sanitation which helped with the rapid spread of disease.
    The money that had become available to society was increasing as well.  The money that people were receiving for working in the factories allowed them to buy new and different foods that had a better quality.  Thus increasing their overall health as mentioned before. The incoming revenue that families gained allowed them to buy more goods as well therefore boosting the economy even more. Food prices, clothing prices, and everything that was a necessity for a family had decreased in price.  The standard of living went up as well.
    Inventions had a large impact on society whether it be the farmers or the wealthy or the bourgeoisie.  Inventions include the spinning jenny, power loom, and the cotton gin.  The spinning jenny invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves.  This machine was able to be used at home instead of at a factory.  It produced more product in a faster way.  It also cost less and used less human power.  Another invention was the power loom created by Edward Cartwright in 1785.  This invention helped to reduce the amount of time needed to harvest cotton and produced cheaper cotton as well.  The cotton gin invented by…