honours notes

Everybody wants to be success in his life. But while dreaming success, one should not forget about the battle which is necessary for its trouble. It has been aptly said-
Life is an art
A mountain of troubles
In your troubles don’t cry
You should only try and try
And conquer the sky
With your skills and power of will!
Proverbs like ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, are often used in our daily life. Naturally, when we feel the dire needs of our life we struggle hard to achieve it. In the book “I Dare”, Kiran Bedi says- ‘If you want to achieve something, you must struggle hard. Throw yourself in the volley of your aim don’t think about the deepness and the results of our tasks. When you will achieve your aim, you will forget about the struggle and the pain.’
Strong will power is the only base of our success. Kiran Bedi, the first IPS lady had struggled hard and became famous and popular in the country. Our cricketer, superstar, Sachin Tendulkar has achieved fame, wealth and everything. P.T.Usha has proved that age can’t be an obstacle on the way to success.
Nothing is impossible if we try. With the help of our will power we can achieve anything, even the sky. A small weaver bird builds a beautiful nest with the help of her will power. The main obstacle on the way to success is tardiness and lack of will power.
Be active
Evergreen and optimistic
Hope for the sky
You will learn to fly…
To achieve success make progress and gain profit. One has to dare and take risks.
To dream is your right
To struggle is your duty
Will power is your need
To achieve the sky and learn to fly.
We all know that success does not go to those, who never struggle. But while dreaming success one should be always ready for the hard work. Don’t be afraid of the failures, because they are the first step on the way to success, “failures are the pillars of success”. Bear your troubles and be happy. Remember if we laugh, the whole…