HIS 145

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http://www.assignmentcloud.com/HIS-145/HIS-145-Week-1-DQ-1Joseph McCarthy held congressional hearings in which he often used affiliation and hearsay to accuse people of being communists and a threat to the United States. What was unknown at the time was that while his methods were often distasteful and abusive—and possibly illegal—he did successfully identify some dangerous communists. Do you think he should be considered a patriot or not? Why? For more classes visitwww.assignmentcloud.comHIS 145 WEEK 1 DQ 2To purchase this material clickhttp://www.assignmentcloud.com/HIS-145/HIS-145-Week-1-DQ-2
The stereotypical image of the American woman perpetuated by the media in the 1950s was a homemaker who wore a dress every day and always made dinner for her children and husband. Which factor do you think was more instrumental in reinforcing this stereotype: consumerism or the educational system? Why do you think so? For more classes visitwww.assignmentcloud.comHIS 145 WEEK 1 INDIVIDUAL DUCK AND COVER
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The Library of Congress lists the 9-minute 1951 movie Duck and Cover as one of the most significant films of all time. Produced by Archer Films, the film was designed to teach children what to do in case of a nuclear attack.
View the film at this website: www.archive.org/details/DuckandC1951.
Write a 300- to 350-word paper in which you consider what it would have been like to live under the threat of nuclear war. Compare it to the threat of terrorism. What are the similarities? What are the differencesFormat…