-Que tipos de medicina alternativa conoces y cuales has utilizado alguna vez
-Comparacion entre medicina alternativa y tradicional.
-efecto placebo My name is Lola Martinez. Today I’m going to speak about conventional medicine and alternative medicine.
I would like to speak about health issues /???u?/s focusing on conventional medicine and alternative health treatments.
Through my speech /spi?t?/ I’m going to cover these points.
Firsly I’ll speak about conventional medicine.
Secondly, I’m going to tell you about alternative medicine,
besides,  /b??sa?dz/
I’ll mention some treatments and techniques(tekni:ks) which are well-known in our society.
Finally, the last point here to cover is what placebo (plasibou) effect is.
Let me start with tradicional medicine.
Health care  /k???/ has improved a great deal (mucho) for ordinary people who live in societies where there is a public healthcare system.
This means we have improved our living standards and also life expectancy.   /?ks?pekt?ns?//dr?>g/ drug medicamento/ medicina
In any case, generally (lleneli) speaking,
tradicional medicine is about taking drugs prescribed by doctors to address different kinds of health problems, and about surgery ?s3?d??r?/ and taking tests in different kinds of healthcare( asistenciamedica) establishments for more accurate  /??kj?r?t/ diagnosis.(diagnousis)
Let’s move on to the second point, alternative medicine.
Nowadays alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular in our society.
Alternative medicine is based on the belief that a medical care provider has to treat the whole /h??l/ person-body, mind and spirit.
The techniques, /tek?ni?k/s used are less invasive /?n?ve?s?v/ than conventional medical practices, meaning that they don’t rely /r??la?/ on surgery ?s3?d??r?/ or conventional medications.
Some alternative therapies are supported by scientific evidence. ?ev?d?ns/ . But for many there are still questions that need to be addressed…