GS1115 module 3 exercise

GS1115:foundational strategies
datePatterns that I have observed in myself though the questionnaire have shown my stress comes from time. I work twelve (or more) hours a day five days a week and on my two days off I have school. This makes me want to spend the little bit of free time I have with my kids. I have fallen behind on taking care of myself by means of no sleep and lack of diet and exercise. Though it also shows I have been neglecting relationships with my friends and family that don’t live with me. These patterns are there and I don’t see them going away too soon because I am the type to put my wife and kids first. That means going to work and school paying bills and paving the way for them to have a better life.
Money is my first yes to stress. Financial problems are a part of life for a young man like me. I set myself up to have a hard time two kids by twenty and rent is due money is an issue. I never let my stress get the best of me though and never blame someone else for my problems. I was gifted with broad shoulders and an easy going manner so I take these things to my advantage. I pay all bills when they are due no matter what then I buy the kids food and whatever they need my wife follows them and after that I am usually broke. Instead of getting angry and letting stress eat at me I let it roll off my back, that is just how I always have handled stress. If something can make you angry or emotional it can have complete control over you.
I have fallen off of working out and eating a complete diet. My time as I said before is no longer for me I do everything in my power to be a good dad and a great man. I want to stay healthy and I love physical activity but after twelve hours of work chasing my babies around puts me out anyway. The only thing I do is basic body work when I can but this exercise showed me I need to get back on my game.
I rarely get six to eight hours of sleep….