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GEN 480 Week 2 Individual Assignment Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis
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Prepare a 300- to 600-word analysis of your Ethics Awareness Inventory.Interpret the results and apply them to your personal and professional development.Include a statement explaining how your educational experience has affected your ethical thinking. The analysis must address your use of ethics in thinking and decision-making, and the potential for conflict in situations with people who have different interpretations of ethical behavior.Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines. First person is acceptable for this paper, if all other APA guidelines are met.Please see the Course Materials forum thread titled EAI Assignment – Weeks One and Two and Classroom Materials tab (under Week One Assessment Materials) for additional information regarding the Ethics Awareness Inventory.Please post to the Assignments section of the classroom.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
GEN 480 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Skills Assessment Paper and Matri
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Refer to the University Material: Consulting Scenario Paper and Presentation, located on the student website, for additional information about this cumulative project.• Conduct an in-depth analysis ofteam member skills and strengths based on education and experience.
o Create a matrix of team skills (see thread titled Sample Matrix in Course Materials forum for help with developing a matrix).
o Analyze your matrix for potentiallyneeded skills that are missingand discuss strategies for obtaining the skills.• Discuss the types of consulting firms that might use the skills of the team members.• Prepare a 350 to 700-word paper that includes:
o A summary of the…