Final Project

Esteban Garcia
Hacking and Countermeasures
Project Part 1: Current Security Threats
I have been assigned the job of determining the top 3 threats that Aim Higher College is currently facing. Using the websites that my supervisor has provided me with I have found many information that will help with determining these new threats and what we can do to prevent them from continuing and from happening again. Some of the new threats that have been most common this year are:
1.Iot Attacks which has become a big amount of things such as Hundreds of innovative, connected devices have emerged to interact with, track, monitor, and simplify just about every area of our lives. But these technologies typically have access to sensitive, personal information, and they also introduce a wide variety of new security issues for attackers to exploit.
2. Sophisticated DDoS Attacks-Denial-of-service attacks don’t directly steal your information, or cause any overt harm, they just flood a site or service with so much traffic that it becomes overwhelmed and prevents legitimate users from connecting to it. As many Xbox and PlayStation gamers learned over the holidays, though, DDoS attacks are becoming more advanced, and have a very real impact. Though much of the reporting focused on the size of attacks, a more troubling trend was the advancement in attack techniques, attackers have evolved beyond simple flooding of traffic, and can now morph and adapt based on the defenses in place on the target network.
3. Social Media attacks-compromising a website or service commonly used by the target group in an effort to infect one or more of them, and allow the malware to spread from there. Attackers continue to develop new techniques to exploit social networks. Also attackers may also gain access to people’s social media accounts and other business related tasks by using Mobile malware which has been a big problem that has security experts dealing with it for…