Employment Law

Employment Law Compliance PlanHRM 531
March 3, 2015Memo
Traci Goldeman, Manager, Atwood and Allen Consulting
Tim Watkins, Market Research Assistant
Bradley Stonefield, Owner, Landslide Limousines
March 3, 2015
Employment Law Compliance PlanEmployment law compliance created for Bradley Stonefield, owner of a limousine service named Landslide Limousines. The company currently located in Austin, Texas. The owner presently has 25 employees at the Landslide Limousines. An employment law compliance plan can assist Bradley from making any unlawful movement.
The employment laws are vital to organizations because the laws inform companies how to direct employers to the method of treating their employees. Federal and state employment laws ensure rights of the employees are protected and the laws below are some that Bradley Stonefield must follow for Landslide Limousines:
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
The Civil Right Act of 1964
The Texas Labor Code Anti-Discrimination Provisions
The Texas Minimum Wage LawThe Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) protects the rights of individuals from discrimination because of their age. ADEA also guards potential employees from discrimination of age. According to the act, “the ADEA has prohibited employment discrimination on the basis of age, and that prohibition has always been limited to individuals in a defined age group.” (Glenn, 2014) This act was later modified to people who are older than 40 years old in 1986. ADEA also applies to companies that have over 20 employees working within it; therefore, this act is critical to Mr. Stonefield’s company. If Landslide Limousines doesn’t follow the law, the employees can file a suit against Mr. Stonefield’s company. The court that receives the suit reserves the right to tell Mr. Stonefield to give his employees’ their benefits while they are filing the discrimination’s case….