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Mr. Gradinger
Ebola, you think it’s not a problem in our Country? Think again. Ebola, or known to scientists as hemorrhagic fever is ravishing the Continent of Africa claiming the most victims in an outbreak in the history of the disease. Aid workers have been sent to the Countries in Africa suffering through the worst of the virus to try to do their very best to help. They tried their best to stay safe but unfortunately a few of them contracted the disease. Should they be sent back to the states to receive treatment or be kept in Africa? Apparently the answer was to bring them back because one of the infected was sent back and placed in a Dallas, Texas hospital where he already has infected two nurses. How can this be safe for the people in America? We cannot take the risk of having the virus outbreak here.
The first person with the virus in Africa infected every single person he came in contact with spreading the disease like wildfire. A person can contract the virus through bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat, blood, vomit and other. Something as simple as shaking some ones hand with Ebola can make you contract the virus, there are also no visible signs someone has the virus. Some symptoms are high fever, unexplained bleeding or bruising, fatigue, extreme headache, and vomiting and diarrhea. Did I mention that most people who contract the virus do not survive? So really what is the point of sending the person infected back to the states if they are not likely to live. You may also can contract the disease from someone who has passed away.
Even with no cure for Ebola, chances of survival in intensive care are much greater. That being said, why is it that the only places these men and women can be sent to receive intensive care is America? In my opinion they should be able to receive top of the line intensive care treatment right where they are in Africa. Africa should have the same treatment and intensive care that is being utilized…