1. Introduction
The world continues to change and the market demands create the need for new services and products, organizations are often force to change in order to remain competitive. Environmental factors such as government regulations, technology, economic and social factors have influenced how organizations evaluate the strategies and operation method. Organizations need to readily adapt to change immediately to survive and thrive. Singapore Telecommunications Limited, usually known as SingTel is a local telecommunication company that has over 130 years of operating experience in the telecommunication business. It provides a wide range of multimedia, information and communications technology solutions including voice and data services over fixed, wireless and internet platforms to both corporates and homes (SingTel, 2014). Today, SingTel has over 500 million of mobile subscribers and covered more than 2 billion of customers across Asia and Africa.2. External Analysis
PEST analysis is concept of macro-environmental factors used for an organization’s environmental influences with the purpose to guide strategic decision-making. 2.1. Political
Political factors are regulate by government intervene that may influence the economy or industry. The Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) made the decision with regard to SingTel’s exemption request for the Business and Government Customer Segment and Individual Markets in Year 2009 (IDA Singapore, 2009). This helps SingTel to pursue exemption from the application of Dominant Licensee regulation to its provision of telecommunication services in six individual markets, all consumers, corporate and government segment with an annual spend on telecommunication services of at least S$250,000.
2.2. Economic
Economic factors such as economic growth, interest, inflation and exchange rate may influence how an organization operate and make decisions. As technology grows rapidly, the…