designing building

When designing a building,the most important thing to take into account is the intended use of the building rather than its outward appearance. To what extent do you agree or disagree
For some architects, the function of a building is more valued than its appearance. I partly agree with their view.
It is undeniable that the function of a building is the paramount factor of designing buildings. Most of buildings are constructed for practical use, so they should be made to meet the need for users. For example, the teaching buildings should have good lighting, providing students a comforting learning environment. The walls of the houses should be made thicker in frigid regions than that in tropical areas. Also, investing more funds on the structure of a building and the interior layout helps to save maintenance budget.
Architecture, however, should not only serve the practical function, but should share artistic value. The appearance of a building should be taken into considered on the condition that it is efficient and effective to use. This is because buildings of artistic value can give character to a city and even become the landmark of a city or a country. It can also represent the rich culture of a place. Take Sydney Opera Theater as an example, it is not the unique landmark of Australia, but also a significantly classical masterpiece in the architecture history. Conversely, buildings which only focus on appearance would not be needed by users. They are very likely to cause massive amount of waste including the construction fee, building materials and land waste.
In conclusion, an outstanding building design never values only one thing. It is suggested that the form should follow function.