And just to add the finishing touches, I’m going to use a little bit of gold luster dust because her star would not be complete without a little bit of gold. This is the gold powder just like the petal dust we’ve used earlier. A little bit of rejuvenating for it. Now paint the gold on our star and we just got to do our belt as well. There, look how much that lifts that straight away. There we go, and on our little belt buckle and yeehaw. We have our little cowgirl. Okay, so now we get to our little pirate and we’re going to do the same as we’ve done before starting from the bottom up but this time we’re gonna do his legs just a little bit differently.
I’m going to start with 16 grams of brown and I’m gonna roll it into a sausage, like so and then I’m going to just use my finger to press down and pull up to start to form that shape. If I turn it around, you see where he’s going to end up with at the back of heel. I’m just going to start to press it down a bit so we’ve got that standing up. There you go. That’s just starting off our boot shape and I’m then going to use my fingers to just roll it in a little bit so you can start to see where we’ve got his feet and where we’ve got his boot. So at this point I’m just gonna use a knife to scour down the middle.
There we go. So you can see it’s taking shape now and while I’m starting at it I’m going to do the same thing up the back. There we have it. I’m now gonna flatten the front bits so we can make his feet and at this point I’m going to use my scalpel to accentuate that gap between the two feet and push them apart and I’m just going to use a little bit of finger and thumb pressure to pull out his feet. There we go. These are actually still a little bit soft so work on these as they start to harden up and just make sure you keep the right shape that you want. Then you’re going to chop off the end.
There we go, and use the skewer as we’ve done before just to get your hole ready for your boots. At this point you can…