Book Report: Last Olympian

Last Olympian By: Rick Riordan
I must say, when I set out on this specific reading adventure, I was not expecting to be as in love with this book as I ended up being. It was definitely a good treat.
From the beginning Camp Half-Blood set a plan in motion to stop the antagonist of the stories The Titan Kronos. Though their plan was thwarted by the Titan of Time, and a previous main character dies, Percy makes a narrow escape with minor injuries. With the Gods/Goddess off fighting the powerful titan Typhon, the demigods must get past their past rivalries and work together to save the world.
From the beginning to end this final installment of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is jam-packed full of excitement, adventure, and surprise! What I loved most about this book was that every character that where in the previous books had some role in this book. Like every great Fantasy book every character has their role to play to defeat the impending evil Horde.
Also most loose ends from the previous books are tied up and the end of this story. Also you get to hear the prophecy that has been mentioned in all four previous novels.
To make a long review short this book is full of love, action, adventure, & hardship. Mr. Riordan does a terrific job of integrating Greek mythology into the novel. This book is an easy read with enough action and suspense to keep you on your toes. In conclusion The Last Olympian, is a great book that I recommend to young adults who are interested in Fantasy novels.