Big Kill

My Big Kill
Most people like hunting in the comfort of their own county where they know every little detail about the woods they go to hunt, but I on the other hand find that to be boring. I like exciting, adrenaline hunts. I am talking about hunting Alaskan Big Horned Ram. The trip out there to Alaska became a once in a life time event that I will never forget.
As I tossed and turned on my small, wooden cot I began to get excited. As I rolled out of my bed I could smell Bob, my hunting guide, fixing what smelled like fresh caught salmon and a fresh pot of coffee. I walked in the next room and heard Bob say “Good morning sir!! Are you ready for your last day out in this rugged terrain?” I shook my head in a sort of sedated manner and went to sit down at the table. Bob brought me my meal and we continued to go over the plans for today. We packed up our gear for the day and loaded up on our horses. We slowly rode to our destination and then proceeded to tie the horses up and walk the rest of the way. We walked for a good ways and Bob turned around with a wide, bright smile and a chuckle to his voice and asked “Are you doing alright back there son?” I came to a stop in order to catch my breath and responded “Well heck yeah I am alright!” We walked a few more miles and finally reached our destination we had agreed on at breakfast.
We sat up all of our gear and went to the edge of the steep, rocky mountain side. I sat on pointy, jagged rocks that poked into my butt like a sharp thorn. Bob on the other hand had a nice round, soft, almost formfitting cushion that hugged his butt like a tight pair of wrangler jeans. He sat twenty-five to thirty yards behind me with a call and some binoculars. As he blew through the call, out came this low, loud grunt that seemed to cut the air and go for hundreds of yards. We could hear some rams messing around and playing but none of them seem to be interested in the call. So we sat there and out of nowhere this big male ram…