ASH HIS 204 Week 5 DQ 1 The Age of Reagan NEW

Check this A+ tutorial guideline at of us have lived much of our lives in the “Age of Reagan,” a period which dates from 1980 and which may still be ongoing today. Historians increasingly agree that the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 represented a “revolution” in American society and, particularly, its politics. Review Reagan’s presidential career to explain what about it precisely was so “revolutionary.” Compare his approach to politics and foreign affairs with those of his predecessors, and assess the ways that his successors either built upon or attempted to reverse his legacy. Explain why so many Americans opposed Reagan’s policies and those of his successors. Consider also the social and cultural changes which took place during the Age of Reagan. Finally, assess the success of the “Reagan Revolution” by identifying which problems it ameliorated and which it exacerbated. In your response, consider THREE of the following topics, with regard to how both Reagan and his successors handled or contributed to them:

a. The economy
b. The federal debt
c. Federal regulation
d. Social welfare
e. Public health
f. Race relations
g. Gender equality
h. Foreign affairs
To summarize your response, answer the following questions:
a. How revolutionary was the Reagan Revolution and how was it revolutionaryb. In what ways was it beneficial to the American nation and in what ways was it detrimentalc. Did the positives outweigh the negatives or vice versad. Did the Reagan Revolution make the American nation more united or more dividede. What cultural issues caused the most friction during the Age of Reaganf. Is the Age of Reagan still underway
When writing your response, draw from material in the following video:
a. Powerplay: End of the empire

Also, draw from at least THREE of the documents listed below:
a. “Equal rights are not special”:…