Are you building a future ready workforce

Are we building a
Future Ready WorkforceChiranthi Cooray
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Future workforce challenges from a CEOs perspective
Workforce Challenges Today

Geriatric leaders
Salami Gen X
Impatient Millenials
Creating the Future Ready Work Place
Talent Strategies to Build a Future Ready Workforce
Industry Case Study

The future of Banking Future Workforce
A CEO’s PERSPECTIVE What CEOs think. .
? “There are increasingly younger employees, amore diverse set of them that are joining the
organisation whose aspirations and expectations
are very different from what a new set of
employees had five years ago.”Chanda Kochhar
Bank What CEOs think. .
? “In order for governments to help companies likeQualcomm, which are innovators, it starts at the
very basic level, which is education… We need
more kids who are willing to go into the fields of
science, technology, engineering, and math.”Dr. Paul E. JacobsChairman and
Chief Executive Officer of
Qualcomm Incorporated
Challenges Today Geriatric Leaders

Created the organisation

Moral obligation
Debt of gratitude
Hardly built leadership depth
Talent hoarding vs Job mobility
Digitization of learning
Automation of processes
Redundancy of skills, methods and expertise Salami Gen X

Link between 4 generations

Children of Silent Gen
Subordinates of BBs
Superiors of Gen Y/Millenials
Parents to Millenials
Caught between changing generation gaps, changing values and
cultural norms
Complicated childhoods – latchkey kids
Highly educated and skilled
Highly trained to be sensitized
Quick to mistrust, Often misunderstood Impatient Millenials
? Wired or Weird
Reality Spot Check – the…