La Amistad The movie I watched was about the African who became slaves by the Spanish ship which is the La Amistad. You will find how angry the Africans were when they have the chance to unchain. The story continues as it was in the trial court in America that seems to be the most serious trials in American history. To make the story understood the lawyer, Adams, who took over to the African look for a person who can speak a dialect of Africans which is very clever. Then they found him. He became the translator between the American and the African. As flashback starts to narrate, Clinque tell the story and I feel as sorry as I watched how Spaniards treat the African. It was shown how these kidnapped people were treated on-board La Amistad. Spaniards kill without mercy. It feels like the Africans where not humans in their eyes. A man and woman don’t have their clothes on. They feed them as an animal. Africans are like they are begging for them to be fed. Spaniards really treat them as slaves. The Africans were handcuffed with real chains and I saw their pain and the emotions they felt as being helpless captives against their own will. Some are shackled in the hold of the ship, being raped; drown to death, killed from sickness and hunger but the most horrifying is when twenty men and women shackled together are simply thrown overboard. The African who really acts as leader is Clinque. Even if I don’t understand what he says sometimes, you will feel what he really tries to express. The African songs were real as they celebrated their freedom. The author of the story really made it as a heart-warming story. The story seems to be having discrimination between the black and whites. Also, there definitely should’ve been a lot more racism included to show you how black people were spit on back.