A Hopeful Forgotten

When I am fully cognizant, the aroma of wondering smoke wandering smoke rapidly feels my lungs. I can feel a part of me burning inside but with no pain. Then suddenly, I realize where the smoke is coming from. Me! My right leg has been set ablaze, along with some other personal belongings that are now scarcely recognizable that will soon be turned to ash. I realize unlike the rest of the burning perishables, my leg seemed to be perfectly fine. I find that I have movement but no feeling in my leg, which was unusual for a limb that was on fire. Confusion started to feel my mind, as I was trying to wrap my mind around what was spiraling out of control. How could this be though? This is the same question that has been running through my mind all along. After about a half an hour I decided to let the confusion trail on, and gets up to keep moving. I realize that the fire had moved from my legs to my ribs, and the pain is starting to come back. I realize that my legs might have been numb this whole time. The pain was there, but it was still bearable. I stood up and basically brushed off the fire. I wouldn’t be able to see anything if it wasn’t for the small fire that sat on the ground; nothing would be possible to see. I stumble through the night almost in pitch dark blindly. I keep walking, stumbling no and then, but stop when I hear a buzzing noise. In front of me sounds like an electrical fence is standing in my way. I don’t know where to go, and I surely don’t want to take the chance on getting fried. I decide to stop for the night and rest some. I just sit on the ground and faster than I thought; I started to drift to sleep. When I awake, the fence is no longer buzzing, and for my sake hopefully no longer electrical. When I go to stand up I effortlessly fall right back down. When I try again, I succeed. Then, I feel the wetness that has damped my clothes. The dew had caused an situation where I realized that I could feel the dampness. More feeling….