7 Nutrition Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight and keeping it off can be difficult. Making smart nutrition choices is the first step to losing weight and also ensuring that once you lose weight, you will keep it off indefinitely. Eating and drinking healthy can give you added energy, as well as making weight loss a sustainable proposition. Here are 7 nutrition tips that you can use to help you lose weight from the start and keep it off long-term.Drink lots of water – The human body is composed of approximately 60% water. Water helps with circulation, digestion and a host of other body functions essential to health. When your water level drops, the brain tells your body that it’s thirsty. Water is also a key component to weight loss. Water and foods with high water content can make you feel full faster and longer, making it an important factor of nutrition and weight loss.Eat a variety of vegetables – Your mom always told you to eat your vegetables, and she was right! Vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients essential for nutrition. Vegetables are often a low-calorie source of vital nutrients. They are also packed with fiber. Fiber helps with digestion and plays a significant factor in controlling how much food you eat. High fiber meals will make you feel fuller, faster. This prevents overeating or high caloric intake.For more info, visit us at: http://www.slenderbodysolutions.com/Use smaller plates – Changing the size of your plates is an easy way to ensure you are still getting the nutrients your body needs, but helping you eat less. A study conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that even a 2 inch smaller plate reduces caloric intake by 22%. Couple this with making smart meal choices and you will continue to see your weight drop, while still feeling full. Your mind will trigger your body to feel full, just because you cleaned your plate!